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Counselling & You

Sometimes in life, its can be difficult to understand what's going on.  You may just feel unhappy or down, not wanting to see friends and family.  You may be 'wearing a mask' for those around you, not wanting them to know how you really feel.  You may be grieving a loss or possible future loss.  There may be a part of your past that's never really been resolved or you just don't know where your future is going.  Relationships with your life partner, wife, husband, family or friends could be challenging and you don't know what to do.  There are times when you might not know what's bothering you but you know you don't feel happy or content.

Counselling can help, talking out loud to someone who has no connection to anyone else in your life.  A counsellor someone you can be yourself with, completely honestly and  wholeheartedly express how you are feeling. 


My aim is to offer emotional support as your counsellor, working alongside you, building a therapeutic relationship, helping  you to   feel safe and express any concerns you have about what has been happening in your life.  I will support you in understanding your concerns and finding ways to recognise why you feel the way you do.  Then , help you find ways to make any changes you want

(if you want) in your life.


I provide, empathy, honesty and a non judgmental attitude so you can openly explore how you feel in your counselling sessions.   

self, and enabling you to move forward, feeling empowered and with the knowledge of what you want from your life. 

About Me

Hi, my name is Susan Wilding and I'm a person-cantered counsellor.  I qualified in 2017 after 4 1/2 years of study.  Since qualifying I have built up my own small practice which I really enjoy, this gives me flexibility and independence which I am grateful for.

I decided to name my website 'Path to You Counselling’ whilst I was sat thinking about my own journey one morning and the paths I have chosen to take in my life. The realisation hit me that it’s the paths I choose, or sometimes don’t choose in life, that lead me to my  present contented life.  Understanding the wrong turns I have sometimes taken in the past, enabled me choose a happier path for myself.   One I had chosen for myself, not one influenced by others as had been in the past.  

Today, I enjoy my work helping others, and in my spare time I enjoy walking my dog , taking  a keen interest in all animals, nature and the environment.  I enjoy holidaying and walking in the countryside, enjoying nature and watching the local wildlife.  I find it very  relaxing and therapeutic.


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