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My Approach

The approach to therapy that I use is an approach based on Carl Rogers theory.  Rogers was an American Psychologist (1902-1987) who developed a  Humanistic theory , initially named 'client centered therapy', now more commonly known as' person centered therapy'.  His belief was that there are three core requirements that are essential for a therapist to have in order to work with clients these are  empathy, congruence (honesty) and a non-judgmental approach , along with an unconditional positive regard for the client.  Rogers felt this would enable the client to fully develop their potential or 'self actualizing tendency'   Rogers theory was that a lack of congruence between the true self,  (who we are now ) and the ideal self (who we would ideally like to be) was the cause of clients struggling, often having not been valued when young themselves and therefore not valuing themselves in the present, causing very little overlap between the True self and the Ideal self.  This is of course a very basic overview of  Rogers theory .


I feel that the person centered approach  enables me to work with clients by valuing them and their individuality. Building a trusting therapeutic relationship, supporting clients to explore their  difficulties, by looking at their past and how this may have impacted on their present.  Enabling clients to work on themselves to better understand their experiences and how and why they feel the way they do about themselves, and  those close to them.  Should you choose to become a client, I would strive to create a safe, therapeutic relationship to enable you as to openly explore what has been happening in your life, work through your difficulties in a person centered, individual way to develop your own self actualizing  tendency.

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